• Why it's Wise to Wear a Base Coat

Why it's Wise to Wear a Base Coat

ase coats are a girl's best friend or if you are a guy, they can be your best friend too.

There is more than one reason for always using a base coat and they are not only related to keeping your nails healthy.

Here are some benefits for wearing base coats:

                        1. They help polish to stick to your nails
                        2. They reduce the chances of your nails staining
                        3. They protect your nails from some of the chemicals in nail polish
                        4. They can reduce the look of nail ridges
                        5. Some are fortified with ingredients that may help your nails to look better

As you can see the first benefit is not really health related, unless you count the fact that a manicure that lasts longer and chips less can reduce your stress levels :

How a Base Coat Helps Polish to Stick

One of the ways a base coat works is to dry out moisture and oil in your nail. Although this is not exactly healthy it is a necessary process if your nail polish is going to stick well to your nail. With excess moisture and oil taken care of your nail polish has a much better surface to stick to.

Reduced Nail Staining

Another major advantage of using a base coat is that it helps to stop your nails from staining. Without a base coat, colour from your nail polish seeps out and can stain your nail. Although this is especially true if you use darker colours, you may also notice a slow yellowing of your nails even with lighter colours.

In addition to stopping colour seeping out into your nails, a base coat also forms a barrier that prevents other chemicals coming into contact with the nail.

Hide Ridges

The extra layer provided by the base coat can help to smooth out general imperfections in your nails. It can also help to hide any ridges you have that run from the base of your nail to the tip. As you get older you may notice these ridges become more prominent. If this is the case you may want to experiment with a special "ridge filling" type of base coat. These can be very effective at hiding your ridges.

Built in Treatments

Another type of base coat you may wish to consider buying is one with a treatment built in. These exist to help deal with a range of issues. These include hydrating dry and brittle nails and toughening up nails that have started to peel. You may have reservations about using this type of base coat as part of a "healthy nail" regime, owing to the chemicals they contain. But there are plenty of reviews that state these products do work. Other ingredients in these fortified base coats include proteins, vitamin E and calcium.

If you don't currently use a base coat, it may be because you consider them to be a waste of time and money. While it is true that they take time to apply and a good base coat costs money, it is more than offset by the amount of time they extend your manicure by. When you add in the long term benefits of applying a base coat, always using a base coat becomes a sound investment.