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The Healthy Nails Professional Crystal Nail File makes filing your nails fast and easy. This high quality file produces a finish so fine it turns the edge of your nail to dust.

Using a Healthy Nails Professional Crystal Nail File can help to:

·         Make your nails stronger

·         Reduce the chances of your nails breaking

·         Make your manicure last longer and chip less

Tradition filing methods such as using an emery board or clipping your nails create tiny fractures in your nails. These weaken your nails and are the first steps on the road to your nails snagging and breaking.  

The Healthy Nails Professional Crystal Nail File is hygienic and never wears out; working just as well after ten years as on the day of purchase. The file does not absorb moisture making bacteria unable to flourish. You can disinfect or sterilise this product without damaging the surface. 

Key features: - 

Owners love the quality of the finish. 

The slim line silver carry case is the perfect size for protecting the file in your handbag.

The pointed end to the file makes it easy to file the entire nail. 

Unlike cheaper nail files the Healthy Nails Professional Crystal Nail File undergoes extra hardening during production. As well as ensuring long term performance this makes it more difficult to break compared to cheaper files. 

  • Professional crystal nail file measuring 135 x 11.5 x 2mm
  • Available in black, pink and purple
  • Perfect finish - the edge of your nail is turned to dust
  • Comes with slimline case - ideal for handbag use
  • Avoids tiny tears in your nail - makes your nails less likely to break
  • Pointed end for easy access to your entire nail

Are you ready for perfect nails? 

No quibble refund if you are not 100% satisfied.