• Nail Polish Damage

Can Nail Polish Damage Your Nails?

he short answer is yes it can. But it is easy to get things out of perspective.

There are many factors involved including the type of nail polish you use, where it is made, whether your use a base coat and what quality it is and how often you wear polish. In addition to those factors the overall health of your nails has a role to play too. If your nails are healthy and in good condition your nails are far more likely to stand up to wearing nail polish regularly than if they are already damaged.

Watch Out for Gel Polish

As a rough rule of thumb, gel polish is a lot tougher on your nails and can do more damage. I know of one major nail polish manufacturer who refuses to make gel polishes owing to the damage they believe they cause to the nail. What I don't want to do is blow this out of proportion. Lots of people have regular gel based manicures and have perfectly healthy nails. But if you go for gel and your nails start to deteriorate then it may be that your nails and gel polish are not the perfect match.

Standard lacquer based polishes can also weaken nails if used over a prolonged period without taking breaks from polish. If you change your nail polish on a regular basis this may also have an effect. This is not so much because of the polish, but because you are exposing your nails to regular doses of nail polish remover. Polish removers contain some harsh chemicals so using it every day will do more harm than using it once a week.

Most polishes are fairly similar when it comes to the chemicals they use. So they are all much the same when it comes to how they treat your nails. Even so, there are some exceptions to look out for. You tend to be on safer ground with nail polishes made in the United States or Europe. Polishes made in other parts of the world may include chemicals that are less kind to your nails.

Avoid Cheap Nail Polish

If you can, avoid cheap nail polish. Cheap nail polish is more likely to originate from outside the United States and Europe. Even if it is produced in those regions the really cheap stuff may not have been made to the same standards.

Don't Be Tempted By Fakes

If you think a polish you have bought might be fake, avoid it altogether. It may have been cheap, but the longer term damage it may cause to your nails means you may pay a much larger long term price.

Always Wear a Base Coat

It is important to always wear a base coat. The main reason a base coat is sold by the manufacturers is that it helps the nail polish stick to your nail. This gives you a longer lasting manicure.

There are other key advantages when it comes to the health of your nails. To start with it stops colour from the polish seeping into your nail and staining it. This is particularly true if you use darker polishes. Although the base coat itself contains chemicals that will dry out your nails to some degree, it also performs a barrier between your nail and other chemicals in the polish.

Consider a Polish Holiday

Not surprisingly, if you wear nail polish all the time it can do more damage than if you only wear it occasionally. If you wear nail polish constantly and you notice deterioration over time in how your nails look, consider taking a polish holiday now and then. This gives your nails a small recovery period before you paint them again.

The best person to judge whether or not nail polish is damaging your nails is you. If you take some simple precautions and keep your nails in generally good health you may be able to happily wear nail polish whenever and as often as you like.