• Healthy Eating

Lifestyle and Healthy Looking Nails

When you consider your nails are made up from skin cells, it is not surprising that your approach to diet and exercise plays a role in the overall health of your nails. In the same way that a good diet contributes to healthy looking skin it also contributes to healthy looking nails.

This article is not meant to be a lecture on the virtue of any wonder diet or to admonish you for eating the occasional chocolate bar. The idea behind it is to simply explain that if you are taking good care of your nails, yet they are still in poor shape it may be your lifestyle is playing a part.

Nail Health Indicators

Possibly, the two best indicators of the overall health of your nails are how fast they grow and whether or not they have a dull look to them.

To find out more about how fast nails grow see this article: What are Your Fingernails Made Of?

If you find your nails are growing a lot slower or they barely grow at all this is a likely sign that all is not well. The same can be said if you have dull nails. Although nails don't necessarily glow in the way healthy skin does your nails can still have a healthy sheen to them.

Lifestyle Negatives

When you consider lifestyle, it's the same old culprits, alcohol, not enough sleep, too much sugar and smoking. As mentioned above, this is not meant to be some sort of killjoy article, so if you are not doing any of those to excess they are unlikely to be making a major contribution to unhealthy nails.

Lifestyle Positives

Although you may not be ticking all the poor lifestyle boxes, it is possible you are not carrying out all the healthy stuff too. So if you are not eating a variety of fruit and vegetable and drinking plenty of the right kinds of fluids, your nails may not be getting the levels of nutrition they need.

Exercise is another factor. As well as eating well and getting enough sleep, ensuring you are getting some form of exercise can help.

Reducing stress levels will also have an impact, but if you have a serious stress issue how you change that is a much bigger subject than keeping your nails looking great.

Experiment With Different Ideas

Aside from these points you can experiment to test out various general ideas that may improve the health of your nails. Most things that are recommended for keeping your skin looking good can be applied to your nails. This could include reducing or giving up diary or drinking Green Tea every day. The choice is yours!

Find What Works For You

It is hard to pick one or two lifestyle ideas that could help you the most. It all depends on where you think any weaknesses lie in your current lifestyle.

For me it is important to drink a lot of water every day and to get enough sleep. It may be different for you.

If you would like to change your lifestyle, perhaps the important thing is to keep experimenting and see what works for your life.