• Healthy Nails Crystal Nail File

Healthy Nails Professional - For Perfect Nails - Which Colour Will You Choose?

he Healthy Nails Professional Crystal Nail File is a high quality nail file that creates the perfect finish for your nails.

Here are three reasons why the Healthy Nails Professional Crystal Nail File gives you perfect looking nails:

                        1. It turns the edge of your nail to dust - giving you the perfect nail edge
                        2. The fine finish helps to prevent chipping making your manicure last longer
                        3. Compared with traditional nail files, your nails are less likely to snag and break

Less Snagging and Breaking

Traditional nail files create drag on the nail as you file. The drag opens up tiny fractures and tears. These are the start of nail breakages and snagging. The gentle filing action of the Healthy Nails Professional Crystal Nail File more or less eliminates drag. This reduces the chances of your nails snagging and breaking.

Less Manicure Chipping

The ultra-fine finish makes it easier to seal your nails with polish and top coat. The big advantage of this is that chipping is minimised. So using this file can make your manicure last longer.

One of the extra benefits reported by early buyers of the file is that it can make your nails grow faster, although we have no scientific evidence to support that.

Great For Intricate Filing

A key difference between our file and other crystal nail files is the Health Nails Professional has a pointed tip. There are other files with pointed tips, but the majority have rounded ends. The big advantage of the pointed end is that it makes it much easier for intricate filing.

Why it Lasts Forever

The file was made in the Czech Republic where there is a long history of producing the best quality glass in the world.

The raw material for the glass is flat glass (also referred to as float glass). Acid etching is used during the production process so that the glass becomes coarse. It is because the coarseness is made in the structure of the glass that the abrasive grains or particles cannot detach from the file. The final step in the production process hardens the file. This is achieved by a method of ion exchange. This combined with the acid etching ensure that this type of crystal nail file never wears out.

So you will get just as good a finish to your nail in 10 years' time.

Ideal for Your Handbag

The file comes with a protective case that is ideal for popping into your handbag. It is small and lightweight enough to take with you everywhere you go.

Black, Purple or Pink?

You can buy the file in black, purple or hot pink. Which colour will you choose?

Reviewer Comments

"I much prefer the pointed tip of the Healthy Nails file - it's fantastic at shaping the sides of my nails, as I love a squared off nail."

"What is particularly impressive with the Healthy Nails Professional Crystal Nail File is that they offer a 'no quibble refund if you are not 100% satisfied' which is fantastic if you've never tried a Crystal File before and are sceptical on whether they work."

"I'm delighted with this nail file. I used to have a very similar one from Leighton Denny, but it broke in my handbag. This one comes with a small case that is perfect for popping into my handbag. It does exactly what I expected it to do. I would never go back to using emery boards."

"I love this nail file. It very quickly shapes your nails without flaking or breaking. The nail simply turns to dust which is easily cleaned up. Wouldn't go back to traditional files now!"